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  • Rules / Terms of Service

    Shaiya Rules
    Please read carefully

    These are the rules you must follow while playing in our server or when using any of our services. Some apply to social situations and others to game mechanics. Please read thoroughly.
    There will be consequences if any of these rules are broken, varying from a simple warning to a permanent account ban depending on the gravity of the situation.

    Social Rules

    1. Impersonating GM or Staff members
    Attempting to pass by as a member of our staff for any reasons is against our rules and will get your account suspended.
    Punishment Type: High.

    2. Inappropriate Language
    Insults and offensive language are not allowed in our server or any of its services. This also applies to character naming (in this case, an admin may modify the name of the character without any warnings in advance).
    The use of the word rape when referring to how your faction overwhelmed the other faction in pvp or in any case, will result in instant ban from discord and might have similar consequences in game.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    3. Discrimination
    Attitudes such as racism, xenophobic attitudes, etc, will not be tolerated in our server or any of its services.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    4. Behavior with Staff members
    While communicating with our staff members, you must be respectful and considerate. We are here to give you a service, so be polite.
    If a Staff Member is in-game attempting to conduct events or communicate with other players, interrupting or causing disturbances will be considered as breaking this rule.
    Spreading rumors about staff members is also considered as breaking this rule: if a player has proof that certain GM/GS is abusing their power, please let us know via private messaging in Discord.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    5. Behavior with rest of the players
    Spreading negative rumors about a player, accusing him, denouncing him, harassing him, is not allowed in our server or any of its services. If you have any complaints about a player, take Screenshots and report it via private messages in Discord.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    6. Publicity
    Publicity is completely forbidden in our server or any of its services. This includes publicizing other servers, services or products that are not related to EG Shaiya. Spreading hack links or key logging websites.
    Punishment Type: High.

    7. Language Usage
    We are an English speaking server. This means you are obligated to use English in
    - Discord: all channels. (exclusions: #off-topic, private messages)
    - Game: Trade, Raid and Map chats. (exclusions: private messages, party and normal chat)
    Punishment Type: Low.

    8. Character names / User names
    When naming your character or user, the following rules will result in your name changed to a generic name.
    - The use of acronyms to refer to staff positions such as GM, GS. Example ImaGM, IKillGS, etc. or [GM]xx, [GS]xx, etc.
    - The use of inappropriate words in any language, such as insults, discriminating slang or pseudonyms. Examples: IFkU, USheetBoi, etc.
    Punishment Type: Low. Rename.

    9. Explicit Content
    This is a PG Server so any adult or explicit content (links, images, messages) in our server or any of its services might result in an instant account suspension.
    Punishment Type: Final.

    Game Rules
    1. Hacks
    This is considered one of the worst offense. In severe cases, we will block access to the whole IP net of the offender.
    Punishment Type: Final.

    2. Buying or selling items / accounts
    The following are not allowed: buy/sell items/accounts for real money, buy/sell items/accounts for items/accounts from other Servers, and from other non-Shaiya Online products/services.
    Punishment Type: High.

    3. Fraud / Scam
    The staff is not responsible for the security of your account or transactions, meaning that you might not get your items back if you get scammed. But if enough evidence is presented, the scammer will surely get the account permanently suspended.
    Punishment Type: Final.

    4. Bots and Macros
    Any use of automation software, either bots or macros or third party software of any kind is totally forbidden. Violation of this rule may imply the removing of the farmed gold/materials and the appropriate punishments. Any type of “afk-farming” will also be judged under this rule.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    5. Bug Abuse
    Any bug abuse is forbidden. Finding any kind of bug must be reported immediately. Any advantage obtained from bug abuse might end in item removal and the appropriate punishments.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    6. Stat Padding
    Stat padding is defined as killing a character who willingly and consistently allows him/herself to be killed with the objective of helping other players increase their kill count. Any user caught stat padding (both killing and being killed) will receive a ban and have all their kills wiped from all characters.
    Edit: for the time being, organizing and participating in a hidden 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, etc. in any open PvP map will be considered stat padding and everyone involved will be punished accordingly. This also includes all "sitters pvp" on where the players sitting are more than half the amount of raid members.
    We have a special map for these party duels called Mixed Arena. Go there and do it right.
    Punishment Type: High.

    7. Boss Killing - Boss Raid
    Going for a boss is considered a group action and you must always have your Union Party open so everyone can join. Leader must set up the loot option to random or team order but never to lead gain. It's against our rules to kick someone from your party while doing a boss unless that member is not helping take the boss down or it's AFK. You can only close or kick joining members if the boss HP is below 30%.
    Note: If 2 or more raids are going for the same boss, the smaller one will have to join the bigger one so everyone can participate. You can not have multiple raids on the same boss. Note: IF an smaller raid was already doing the boss when the bigger one came to the spot, its the bigger raid the one that will have to join the current boss raid.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    8. PvP Raids - Kicking Members
    All PvP must be done with an open raid. You are not allowed to have multiple raids/parties in the same pvp zone. You are not allowed to kick members from your pvp raid unless they are not wearing ANY equipment, they are ignoring commands or they are insulting or creating unnecessary drama that disrupts the enjoyment of everyone else in raid. Before kicking, the player needs to be warned by using the raid or party chat function at least 3 times. If two or more raids are going, the smaller one will have to join the bigger one so everyone can participate. Once the main raid is full, you are allowed to create a new one until that one is full and so on.
    There is no need to warn when: a player is in a different map and doesn't want to move to current pvp map, a player joins the raid but doesn't want to fight when leader asks, a player is AFK (with afk debuff on).
    Punishment Type: Low.

    9. Kill Stealing (KS)
    Kill-stealing (normal monsters) itself is not considered an offense but repeated abuse can be seen as harassment and will be punished accordingly.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    10. Animation cutting
    Any form of animation cutting or canceling like skillcut, runecut, mountcut, anythingcut is not allowed in our server.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    11. Spawn Killing - Safe Zones
    Spawn killing and entering the opposite factions base/castle/stronghold/safe zone is not allowed and will result in an instant jail. The opposing factions base/safe zone is defined by anything behind the most forward (yellow named) guard.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    12. Portal Killing / Camping
    Portal Killing is when a user from the opposite faction continually kills users who are trying to load into the current zone. This includes killing players before they have a chance to step out of the portal (very similar to Spawn Killing). These actions are not allowed since it exploiting the fact that the other player is not done loading and its not ready to fight.
    Punishment Type: Low.

    13. Raid Commands : Sit / Play (Sitter Teleportation)
    Sitter teleportation is setup to be instant to allow raid leaders to setup raids quickly. However any abusing of this system by either teleporting players out mid PvP combat to safety to avoid them being killed; teleporting players into PvP leading to an instant death is not allowed. Furthermore constantly teleporting the same person multiple times in a row without any reason will be considered as abusing this system as well.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    14. Simultaneous logins by the same person
    Only instances on which we allow the same person to login more than one character with the same IP or within the same household is for:
    - making a raid to get the benefit of auto loot (not boss or pvp raids), - buff yourself, - power level yourself. Other than that, all raids or parties are forbidden.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    15. AFK Players
    You, as party or raid leader, are allowed to kick AFK players from boss or pvp raids after verifying that the player is indeed AFK and was not just AFK for 5 seconds.
    Note: During staff hosted events, you are allowed to kick AFK players unless the staff hosting it allows them to be AFK in it.

    16. Raid Fixing
    Raid Fixing is the act of moving people around tabs in a raid to fix their positions for a better PvP experience.
    Moving players to be alone when there is space for them in another tab, will be considered harassment and you will be punished accordingly.
    Punishment Type: Moderate.

    Account Related Rules

    1. Accounts
    Ownership of an account is determined by the associated email with which it was created. If you are playing with an account and you do not have access to that email, you might lose it if the actual creator of the account claims it as his or hers. It doesn't matter who trained a character or farmed items for it, only the owner of the email to which the account is linked is consider as the owner of the account. Remember: a player who never shares his/her account with others, will never lose a single item to thieving.

    2. Account thieving
    If you lose access to your account, you can always use the linked email to claim it back. Please, consider that the only way you can lose your account and any items on it, is by you willingly sharing its information, or by you using a system which is infected by a keylogger of some kind. Admins will not take responsibility in any of this cases, but will try to help you recovering your account. But, as with the scamming rule, no items will be returned.

    3. Investigating and access to accounts
    If any account is suspected in anyway, admins have the right to log it without previous notification to the owner. Only the admins will have this right, no other member of our staff will ever login your account. Admins do NOT need you to give your personal information for this, so please NEVER share your personal information with anyone in-game.
    In case of account thieving investigation, Admins may ban accounts for undetermined time until investigation is over.


    All our rules are guidelines to preserve a fair and friendly experience in our server and its services.
    This means that the punishments you receive will be according to what is stipulated here and/or our staff view of the offense.
    These punishments will go from warnings to jail time or even suspension of the account / shared accounts.

    Punishment Types:
    Low: depending on the offense this type of punishment goes from receiving a warning up to 1 day in jail.
    Moderate: depending on the offense this type of punishment goes from receiving a warning up to 3 days in jail.
    High: depending on the offense this type of punishment goes from 1 to 3 days ban.
    Final: depending on the offense this type of punishment goes from 7 days ban to permanent ban.

    Multiple offenses will lead to the increase of the punishment level to high, plus increasing the amount of days by the amount of punishments you have received.
    Some excessive rule breakers can end up with their accounts permanent suspended.

    Note: For Game Rules 4, 5 and 7, item removal might be issued as well.

    Please report all players breaking any of these rules to any of our staff members in our discord server.
    To effectively make a report, your must present hard evidence: Screenshots (multiple will be appreciated) or Videos. Reports that are only a tale of what you saw are not valid, except as reference in case a solid report is made.