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  • Comics Maker Event!

    Comics Maker Event Hosted by [GS]Unholy

    Event start date: Monday 26th
    The event over date: Tuesday 3rd

    Its time to make you own comics story because we want to see your most creative part!
    It's Halloween and we want to see your Shaiya Horror Story!

    1.: Only images taken in the game can be used!
    2.: It cannot contain violence, offensive content, harassment and please avoid nasty worlds to.
    3.: You can use you own Comics speech bubble to and you can use any program what you can, to make you story!
    4.: You can ask you friends help with Print Screens if your story is multiplayer, but do not share with us the characters names in the comics!
    5.: Your story should have a minimum of one page and a maximum of 5 pages. The reading direction is from left to right!
    6.: Mounts, Pets, Pumpkins and mobs can talk at you story to!
    7.: You can decorate your comics with anything related to Halloween.
    8.: Do not copy the works of others!

    GMs and GSs will vote for the best stories. You can send you final work to any GM or GS.

    If you don't have editing tools, you can use this: Photopea | Online Photo Editor