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EG Tournament 1v1 (same class)

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  • EG Tournament 1v1 (same class)

    Hello farmers!

    We are going to have another 1v1 Tournament (level 80, same class).
    Staff will help and get involved but it is organized by Dreams.

    To apply, follow this link and fill in the field as requested. For server time, please chose a time range that is best suited for you.
    Read carefully the event rules (that could change any time before start). If you have any suggestion that we might have missed, let us know!
    Apply fee is not refundable once paid.

    All participants will be handled a stat reset so everyone has the same stats (no rank involved).
    I'll set their stats to 0 before start so they have to use it.

    There is an apply fee of 10 gold bars (1b) that you will have to keep at all times in your character's inventory. All the gold goes for the prize pool.
    I'll collect the gold out of your inventory as soon as I get notified about your application, If I don't find the gold bars, you will be removed and ignored.

    Prizes will consist of:
    - Special event wings (30d)
    - 1 stack of vials of choice
    - All the gold bars from that group's apply fee
    - 1 boss pet (30d)
    - 1 weapon skin of choice (perm, tradeable)

    General Rules
    - You can only apply with one character per account
    - Untouchable Potion is not allowed
    - Transformation skill is not allowed
    - Nosstrum Buffs, Item Buffs, Remedy Buffs are not allowed
    - All participants must have their own buffs

    - Untouchable skills not allowed
    - Magic Dodge skill not allowed
    - Healing Potions not allowed

    - Target Lock skill not allowed

    - No special rules

    - Fleet Foot skill not allowed

    - Healing Potions not allowed
    - Death Touch skill not allowed
    - Ultimate Barrier skill not allowed

    - Healing Potions not allowed
    - Healing skills not allowed
    - Magic Veil skill not allowed
    - Etain Shield skill not allowed

    Battles will be between same class characters.
    Best of 3 will move to the next stage.
    Anyone breaking a rule, will lose the active match.

    If you have any doubts, feel free to contact Dreams (@Dreams#6650) or any staff member in our discord server.