Comics Maker Event Hosted by [GS]Unholy

Event start date: Tuesday 02nd !
The event over date: Tuesday 9th !

Its time to make you own comics story!
If you have a story in your head that you would bring to a comic!

1.: Only images taken in the game can be used.
2.: It cannot contain violence, offensive content, harrassmen and please avoid nasty worlds to.
3.: You can use you own Comics speech bubble to and you can use any program what you can, to make you story!
4.: You can ask you friends help with PrintScreens if your story is multiplayer, but do not share with us the characters names in the comics!
5.: Your story should have a minimum of one page and a maximum of 5 pages. The reading direction is from left to right!
6.: Mounts, Pets and mobs can talk at you story to!

GMs and GSs will vote for the best stories and there will be three ranking lists. Each place has a total of 5 winners.

Join our discord server to submit your comics!

If you don't have editing tools, you can use this site: