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Tournament: 1v1 (same class)

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  • Tournament: 1v1 (same class)

    Hello everyone!

    It is time to finally find out who is the best of each class! No chickens this time!
    That is why we have managed to find us some hosts to make this wonderful pvp event.

    The event will take place on the weekend of the 12th of October. So hurry up and fill the form!

    Winners of each bracket will get rewarded gold and a special title to show off and make everyone else jelly!

    Here are some basic rules:
    - Entry fee is 1b per character / finalist takes his gold back and the winner gets all the rest.
    - Every participant must use their own buffs and have no extra buffs from other classes or items before entering the match (no nosses or hp remedies allowed).
    - Whoever is seen trying to make lag (like spamming costumes, etc) will get disqualified.
    - The following classes are not allowed to use pots: mages/pagans, defenders/guards, priest/oracles.
    - Everyone should avoid exploits and bugs.
    - Battles will be same classes also between faction. For example: fig vs fig, fig vs war, war vs war.
    - There will be only one match at a time. Participants will be called by event moderator.
    - Matches will be best of 3. Winning 2 in a row makes you win the set.

    Everyone willing to participate, please fill the following form:
    Then contact one of the hosts to pay your entry fee.

    - AryaGoesWest (@Monkey#3556)
    - [GS]Makarov (@Chad#1462)