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The Iron Invasion is back!

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  • The Iron Invasion is back!

    The Iron Invasion is on motion once again.
    Lapis extraction operations are being conducted at Proellium Frontier, Cantabillian and D-Water Borderlands by the Vueltas army.
    Your mission is to stop them at all costs and retrieve what ever is left after the battle to add up to your faction's supplies. Don't let the enemies control it, none of them.

    Each faction will be informed when a new extraction operation has started so you can go and fight it off.
    Lapis Extractors will spawn every 1 hour cycling between the 3 maps up to a total of 21 spawns per day.
    New NPC Artifact Technician that can be found around the war camps on each of these maps that will help you salvage some components into 64k Microchip. Quest items are tradeable but limited by the mob drops.