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  • 1v1 Tournament !

    [1v1 Tournament]

    It is time for another 1v1 tournament, held between Dreams and staff members.
    Event will take place on Feb 20th, 2021
    Last day to apply and have your fee paid is: Feb 18th, 2021
    Inscription Fee: 10 gold bars.

    Prizes for first place on each class:
    1 Microchip 64k
    1 Elemental Stone of choice (+20 ele)
    2 Triple Battlefield Rune
    3000 AP

    Special Price
    1 Wing of choice (given randomly to one of the 6 winners)

    Prices for second place on each class:
    1 Double Battle Rune (30d)
    1000 AP

    The 10 gold bars fee must be in the inventory of the participant, if gold is not found by the 18th, that account will be banned until tournament is over.
    To apply and more information, visit this link: