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  • Patch 173 Change Logs

    Patch 173 change-log

    - Drop of quest items will now be random between all members of a raid, instead of in sequential order.
    - Halloween quest items are now tradeable.
    - Fixed some issues with normal client, making characters go invisible.
    - Skill Hell's Claw apply range changed to 4 meters.
    - Skill Divine Burst hit type changed from fixed to additional magic damage. Apply range changed to 4 meters and cool down to 30 seconds. Abnormal condition Death removed.
    - Skill Target Lock duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.
    - Skill Long Range duration changed to 50s, 150s cool down.

    Testing new functionality
    - Skills Blood Rain, Fan Shot and Bomber Shot apply range changed to 8 meters. Only in PvP: your selected target gets hit by 100% of the damage, all enemies around this target will take reduced damage starting at 60% power and down to 0% based on range to center of the skill. In PvE: all targets get hit by 100% of damage.

    For those who won't understand what this means, in simple words, you cast these skills on someone, that player will receive 100% damage, but those around him will receive 60% of damage and those further away from him will receive less and less damage down to minimal damage.