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  • A new destination

    A new land has been discovered... once hidden by a dense fog, a secret to all of us.. now both factions have made foot hold in it waiting for the ties of war to balance for each of them. Now it is your turn to venture there and discover what it has to offer.

    Welcome to Volcano Island, a place of mysteries and secrets, a place of thieves and scoundrels, the perfect location for some vacations.

    New quests have been added to this map, some are hidden, some are visible, more will come later.
    New titles, pets, mounts and much more!

    Patch 161 change-log:
    - D-Water bridges to access Caelum portals will now have pushback portals and invisible walls around them.
    - Jungle bridges to go into enemy spawn will now have pushback portals making the entering to those island illegal.
    - Skill Fire Strike (Mage/Pagan) spell damage has been doubled and made unpotable.
    - Skill Missile Salvo (Mage/Pagan) spell extra damage was added back, cool down reduced from 43 to 35 seconds.
    - Skill Arrow Bombing (Archer/Hunter) has been made unpotable.
    - Skill Death Touch (Ranger/Assassin) damage changed from (65, 70, 75, 80)% to (35, 40, 45, 50)% max HP.
    - Fixed an issue that prevented the showing of the right click menu in party.
    - Fixed an issue that made F1-F6 not add a yellow mark on raid window when you are in tabs 2 to 5.
    - Removed sound notification for /raid chat.
    - General fixes and improvements to the new Fixer/Respawner system.
    - Successfully enchanting items with normal lapisias will now auto select the lapisia like when you fail.
    - New chat filter options to show or hide raid messages and notices (including raid mark messages).
    - VSync was added to the game as a default setting, you can turn it off in options window if you decide to. What does it do? It keeps your game at a maximum of 60 frames per second to prevent gpu overuse. If you disable it, the maximum changes to 300 fps. In this game, having more than 60 fps is just a waste of energy.

    Dev Client was added as default executable to have a wider range of tests. This client uses a smart cache to store most used files into memory preventing reload of assets that cause freeze in game. It is in development but we think it works fine at this point. If you still want to use the old one (because of issues you might have), you can download the normal game.exe and replace by using this link:
    Just download, open and extract into your game folder, replacing the other one.

    We have heard the feedback about current status of Mage/Pagan and we will be releasing more changes adjusting their damage until we find values we can all agree on.