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Patch 157 : Magic Nerf !

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  • Patch 157 : Magic Nerf !

    The long awaited Mage / Pagan nerf is here.

    We didn't want to just nerf their damage because that would impact on the usability of the class in low numbers pvp. That's why we have decided to do some changes here and there to make the most powerful spells less op and still give the class some use and power.

    Along with this, we believe Archer / Hunter had too many aoe impact skills, so we changed one to be just aoe debuff instead of damage + debuf. This will reduce a little the overall output damage without being too significant.

    We also gave Fighter / Warrior the ability to take Fleet Foot so they can survive a little longer behind enemy lines.

    All these changes are focused on maintaining a more balanced damage over the amount of numbers we have in pvp.

    Now, the technical stuff...
    Patch 156 change-log

    Mage / Pagan changes:
    - Damage from INT changed from 1.5 per point to 1.4 per point.
    - Damage from WIS changed from 1.3 per point to 1.2 per point.
    - Skill Transformation bonus INT received changed from (55*CharLevel) to (27*CharLevel).
    - Skill Kamain Breath overall damage reduced from 1000, 2400, 3990, 16000 to 800, 1600, 3990, 14000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Meteor Strike overall damage reduced from 2000, 4000, 8246, 32000 to 1200, 2900, 8246, 20000 (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Missile Salvo is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Turbulence is now instant cast, 6m aoe, no element.
    - Skill Fire Strike is now a damage over time aoe debuff, non potable, only dispelable.
    - Skill Arcane Aura is now a party buff that gives 100, 200, 600, 1200 Magic Resist. (Lv15, Lv30, Lv60, Lv80)
    - Skill Cosmic Rage bonus Magic Attack changed from 500 to 200.

    Archer / Hunter changes:
    Skill Arrow Bombing is now a damage over time aoe poison debuff, potable, dispelable.
    Skill Blood Rain cd changed from 20s to 16s.
    Skill Fan Shot cd changed from 20s to 18s.

    Fighter / Warrior changes:
    - Skill Fleet Foot was added. 6 seconds duration, 3 minutes cd, 100% evasion versus ranged attacks. (this change is a test change, could be removed if we see it becomes too strong)

    Other changes:
    - Pet orange stats reduction in Lv15 and Lv30 zones have been rolled back to normal, so you can still opt for normal pet with high OJs or crit pet with low OJs.
    - Res on Leader delay changed from 10s to 6s.
    - Two Handed Swords, Axes and Blunt weapons range has been changed from 1m to 2m.