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Friendly Reminder: Be aware!

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  • Friendly Reminder: Be aware!

    There has been some reports of a random guy named as me, adding people to discord to invite them to a new event, giving random links to cloned websites.

    Remember that staff members will never ask or require for your username or passwords. We can just get any information by asking for a character name.
    Also, we only have one website and it is No staff would ask you, ever, to login on a different site.

    When chatting with a staff member in discord, make sure you check the Mutual Server tab to check if that user comes from EG Discord.
    If you have doubts, you can go to the staff list message in our discord and compare the IDs with the person you are chatting with.

    Be smart, be cautious... all strange activity must be analyzed first.

    Tim got a message from FakeUZC asking to join his website and login and vote for a new event, website was
    Tim used his account information to log in that site and voted as normal, FakeUZC said thanks and went away.

    Don't be like Tim, Tim is naked now.