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Patch 155 : Some changes

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  • Patch 155 : Some changes

    Patch 155 change-log

    - All costumes have been upgraded and standardized to +25 so you chose by looks and not stats.
    - New respawn options for raid (won't work inside Infinite Dungeon or PvP Matches)
    -- Party leader location : only available if you have CRR buff active and in party (10s wait time).
    - Costumes and Pets equipped in lv15 or lv30 maps will have its orange stats reduced for that zone. Stats will go back to normal once you leave the map.
    - Stat points received from rank cannot be redeemed on level 30 or below characters. All character stats have been reset to accommodate to this setting.
    - Removed the rank requirement for battle runes usage and activation, all runes got renamed to Double and Triple Battle Runes.
    - Animation frames for Dispel have been normalized for both sexes and races.
    - New options in User Settings to enable/disable holding left control to display tooltip for items, skills and buffs.
    - Added resolution 2560x1080 as requested.
    - Updated Premium Recreation Rune creation at Professional Blacksmith to produce the maximum amount of runes allowed by used materials. For example: if you have 100 runes and 40 vials, it will consume 80 runes and 40 vials and produce 40 premium runes.
    - Fixed raid command move and sit so you can use it by getting your target from raid window (no need for it to be in line of sight).
    - Perm Elixirs are now Account Bound.
    - Updated /costumes off command to instantly update everyone around you (don't use it around a lot of people).
    - Raids can now set someone to be Party Fixer, that player will have "move" permission.
    - Raids can now set someone to be Party Respawner, everyone dying and choosing to respawn on Lead, will respawn at this player's location.

    Next patch will include some nerfs for ranged classes along with (if we can), summer event.