Patch 146 change-log:

- Item OJ Transfer and Item Enchant Transfer will now allow you to transfer between different armor pieces. Item Link Transfer will still require same kind pieces.
- Teleport actions are now allowed in sitters maps so long you are outside the safe zone.
- Fixed the "IgnoreBless" in events maps. It should be working now.
- Fixed an issue that made players spawn under objects when moving from one map to another.
- Fixed click on name to whisper.
- Updated skill tooltips to show more reliable information.
- Fixed potion bar and R bar tooltips.
- Increased the amount of slots for R bar from 6 to 10.
- Fixed words disappearing for Verde when typing $, space, word, space.
- Skill Call of the Goddess (untouchable) duration extended to 15 seconds for Ranger/Assassin and Archer/Hunter that respawn inside FFA or Mixed maps.
- Skill Call of the Goddess (untouchable) duration extended to 20 seconds for Mage/Pagan and Priest/Oracle that respawn inside FFA or Mixed maps.

- Implemented a piece of code to maintain the ram usage between set limits. To test this out, you must add or edit the following lines to your CONFIG.INI file under [VIDEO]

- Increased the amount of lines for chat history from 100 to 500. You can set your own value between these numbers in your config.ini file.

- Defender | Guardian
-- Skill Dayfly target changed to raid except caster. This means everyone in raid will get the buff except the player using it.
-- Skill Entice duration changes from 1,2,3 seconds to 2,3,4 seconds.
-- Skill Greater Provocation duration changed from 3,4,5 to 2,3,4 seconds.

- Fighter | Warrior
-- Skill Rising Uppercut duration increased by 2 seconds per level and ability value increased by 50% of old value.

- Locus Graveyard
-- Some extra lv82+ mobs will spawn for the faction that controls the altar. These mobs will also drop PAL Boxes.