In this patch I have addressed some few random things but between others, the most important one that you have to make sure you read and understand is that we have changed the required rank on guild members to take items out of guild warehouse from 2 to 3. This means you can set even more people but also means that you have to pay attention when giving rank to your guild mates.
To make sure no one can access warehouses without leader permission, I have moved all actual rank 3 players to rank 4.
I don't want people complaining about guild members taking items without permission. You have been notified.

Patch 144 change-log

- Important: guild members with rank 3 will now be allowed to take items out of your guild warehouse. For this reason, I have moved all existent rank 3 into rank 4, just in case.
- One Hand Axes and One Hand Swords have received a change on damage so both have the same values.
- Skill Long Range cool down decreased from 300s to 100s.
- Skill Pantera Vision status changed from death to flat damage. It will now work on players using Transformation Skill.
- Skill Bloody Arc range changed from 0m to 2m.
- Duels made at Arena will now reset your cool downs but only if both players have the same class.
- The Lost Groves (Sitters) has been redesigned to add two bases and sitters zone at each base. You will have to do with that for now until I find a way to create safe zones in the sky.
- The Mists (PvP) will now have invisible walls around spawn and push back portal at bases entrance. Only snipers will be left at base.
- Old Jungle changed to balanced pvp system with automatic sitters zone once 30v30 is reached.
- Events maps such as Stadium, FFA, Mixed will not increase bless when someone dies in them.
- Game window will now blink (at taskbar and if not in focus) when you receive private messages or when you are required to answer a popup message like trade, combat, invites, etc.
- [Whisper] tag changed to [From] and [To] respectively.

That's all for now, please report any issues you might find.