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Update 143 : A few tests

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  • Update 143 : A few tests

    Hello all!

    Today I bring you a few changes that I want you to test in game.

    Most important, I have been working on a different way to load assets in game, to help the game have less freezes. It is not forced yet, just optional but it would be good if everyone [capable] could set it up for tests.
    You will have to disable UAC (User Account Control) in order to use this, otherwise you will notice your game closing when the UAC prompt pops-up (search google how to, there are multiple guides and its not hard).

    To enable the magic, you will have to go to your game folder, open the file CONFIG.INI with notepad (or any other text editor) and under [VIDEO] add the following lines and save:

    It should look like this:

    By doing this, you will start to notice a lot less freeze in game when rendering other players, along with our other commands, you should have a more fluid experience. Remember that this is a work in progress change.
    Side effects can be: texture not loaded (white pieces on characters), invisible characters (less often), ... undiscovered.
    But, it should all go well!

    Now, on the other changes...

    To start of, I have worked on making a system that will allow me to set the limit of a raid by map. With this, we can have special maps only for this purpose.
    We have decided to make '30 raid' the following maps: Deep Desert, The Lost Groves and Old Jungle.
    For this reason, Raptor Slayer boss will be moved to D-Water Borderlands, so the limit of raids won't interfere with the amount of players that do bosses every day.

    Yes, you read it right, we have added old jungle so you can test this 30 raid and remember the old days. Map will be clean for now, might get updates or used for events. We will see.

    On the other side, I have worked and fixed the other system: "balanced join". Now it should work better than before and instead of denying you the teleport to map, it will now move you directly to sitters.
    This system will only be available at The Lost Groves (Sitters). It works by checking the amount of players on each side and if it exceeds by more than 2, those players will be sent to sitters, they can still join the raid of 150 and wait to be summoned to play by their raid leaders.

    Another test we want to check is the change on Magic Arrow. Having almost all other spells at higher range, this skill lacked the distance necessary to keep up with the flow. We don't think it will be a big OP thing, but still we need to test it in live and get feedback from players. So its range was increased to 27m at higher level, keeping it at 24m for lv15 and 25m for lv30.

    Now, we have also decided to do some changes on Archer | Hunters because we think these skills were kind of OP in pvp. Both skills got their duration extended when I changed all other buffs. Doesn't mean it was right.
    So we have decided to reduce the duration of Long Range to 60s max but increasing the max range you get. Also, Fleet Foot immunity has been reduced by half so its less of an UT vs ranged.

    Patch 143 change-logs

    - Raptor Slayer boss moved from Deep Desert to D-Water Borderlands (under CS bridge).
    - Luminous Brigand boss moved from KI to D-Water Borderlands (3 spawns around mid section).
    - Changed the rarity of some items so they don't go to the floor when they drop from mobs of bosses.

    - Archer / Hunter
    -- Long Range skill will now increase your attack range by (4,5,6,7,8,9) meters for (30,36,42,48,54,60) seconds (depending on skill level).
    -- Fleet Foot skill will now give you (5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50)% evasion against ranged attacks for (9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18) seconds (depending on skill level).
    -- Removed the 30% damage penalty on close range targets.

    Test Changes
    - Deep Desert, Old Jungle and The Lost Grove will now have raids limited to 30 players.
    - New "Balanced" Groves was added to move to battlefield function. This map will use the "balanced join system" that will automatically move exceeding players to sitter position.
    - Skill Magic Arrow range changed from 24m to 27m (at high level). If this change is not too op, we will keep it.