Hello everyone!

We are adding a new branch to our staff team called PvP Managers.

These players have been selected due to their enthusiasm and willingness to promote and try to maintain PvP.
Their main job will be to manage and organize daily PvP, take lead of each faction and balance or move the pvp to the best possible location to ensure a more lasting session.
As part of our staff, I expect everyone to respect their decisions, follow their commands and treat them as any of us, because in the end, they are doing this so you all can enjoy playing.

PvP Managers will have normal accounts, just like GameSages, and you will be able to recognize them with the name tag [PvPM]
I hope you all agree with this new initiative and help us carry it out for a better future.

Selected players to be part of this team are:
- Kiro and Strike for AOL
- Bae and Eurus for UOF

You might not agree with the starting choices, but look past your judgements and think about the game.
Remember that these players are persons and anyone can have a past or bad choices in the future. If you think someone is not doing right or you want to report misbehavior, just let us know.

If you have someone you would like to propose to be part of the team, you can PM any of us. Experience and good english is a must.