Here is a list of problems users might experience and a plausible solution to fix them. Of course you'll still be able to open a new thread if you can not solve the problem. We will be happy to help you.

- Problem With Download.

Hi, if I try to download the Client, It stops at 150MB!
Solution : If you are downloading the Full Client 1.2GB and It stops during the download you can fix the problem following these steps :

- Try to Download the 7 Parts.

- Close Antivirus and Firewall

- Try to Change Browser : Generally Users have not problems during download with Google Chrome.

- 4story EG Doesn't starts!.

Unable to load the file necessary for running the game after downloading 4STORY client again, re-install and re-launching 4STORY
Solution :

1)Remove all 4story from the PC (4story EG / Global / Italian ecc)

2)Disable Firewall and Antivirus.

3)Remove from Downloads Folder all Client of 4story EG

4)Download again 4story EG from website (download the parts, I think they are better)

5)Install again 4story EG with Antivirus and Firewall disabled.

- 4story EG Crashes at Login!.

Hi, When I put my account data, the Game Crashes!
Solution :

- Close Firewall and Antivirus

If the error appears again :

- Remove 4story from your PC

- Use CCLeaner or a Similar software

- Install again the Game

- Close Firewall and Antivirus

- Open game

- I can't see the GM - Chat !.

Hi, I have a big Problem, I can't see the GM - Chat!
Solution :

Option 1

- In Game Esc

- Game Settings

- Reset UI

Option 2

- Try to change the Game resolution

- System Error.

Hey. I have a problem when I load the game username and password, enter it after a while gives me "System Error".
I installed the game with 100% Update. Reinstalling did not match the effect still gives me "Error System" longer than 3 days.
Solution :

Your Character is Bugged, contact [CM]Arwen. She will solve your problem.

- Client Crash during loading.

Hey everyone today I dowloaded 4story EG and it downloaded/installed with no problem, but when I run the game, the loading screen opens with the statue and the loading bar under, but when the percent gets to about 4% this error comes up and it shuts my game down.

Solution :

- Disable Firewall

- Close/Disable Antivirus

- Start the game

If It doesn't work, try to download the Client again, but with Firewall and Antivirus disabled.

- Client doesn't Start.

Hi, I have disabled Firewall and Antivirus but Client doesn't start. How can I fix this problem? HELP ME!

Solution :

If you have disabled Firewall and Antivirus and the Client doesn't start and there is no Errors Mirrors, the problem is your PC Hardware.
Your PC doesn't support the Client and You need to make some changes. Confirm whether the CPU or the Graphic Card are causing the problem.

4story EG System Requirements


OS - Windows 2000/XP

CPU - Pentium4 1.6GHz

RAM - 512M

VGA - GeForce4 MX440 64M

DirectX - DirectX 9.0c

HDD - 2GB or more


OS - Windows 2000/XP

CPU - Pentium4 2.4Ghz

RAM - 1G

VGA - GeForce FX5200 128M

DirectX - DirectX 9.0c

HDD - 3GB or more

- Client Crashes or I can't see my Character.

Hi! I have a big Problem, When I launch the game, It crashes every time or if It doesn't crash, I can't see my character!
Solution :

Option 1

- Open the Launcher

- Do not start the game, but go on "Settings"

- Put "LOW" to all the Options and disable the Sound Settings.

- After that you must download, install and use the program "Smart Close" to close all programs and have the best speed of the computer.

Option 2

If "Option 1" doesn't work:

- Download CCLeaner

- Open it and clean the PC

- Fix the .dll problems (with CCLeaner)

- Disable Firewall and Antivirus

4Story Eternia Games - Team