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    Thumbs down Build and Skillz Combo ( PvP )

    Hello guys

    i joined the game from a short time ..
    and i would like to know what's the best pvp build for Seg and the best combo skillz
    and how i could use it ... i mean the stratigy
    thats would be so helpful ..
    i know thats there is many ppl here who's really care to help ppl
    and who's really have a Perfect Knowladge about the Segnale ..
    so i will be waiting for an answer from those who's im talking about them ^^

    and thanks for your help
    whatever your opinion is ^^

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    Shoes? I guess that helps?

    Anyways, as for build, I'll say go full heal with a lvl 1 whip and try to get at least 900spr if you want to be able to outheal.

    Combos? I like this combo: curse field, blizzard, rise fierce...
    ChaosNurse / ShAwT3y

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